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TED Talks are a great online resource for hearing some of the best minds of our time discuss issues that affect our world today. If you need some motivation, inspiration, or simply a new perspective, a TED Talk often does the trick. After watching the video, “The 3 A’s of Awesome” by Neil Pasrischa, I felt a little of that inspiration. In the video, Neil talks about how his experiences led him to create the immensely popular blog and book series, 1000 Awesome things. He also outlines his 3 A’s of awesome: attitude, awareness, and authenticity. I won’t spoil how these can improve your life (video embeded below), but I will show you how the 3 A’s can better your social media strategy.


Attitude plays a huge part in the reception of any social media strategy. Many business do not achieve the reach they desire because the attitude that shines through in their content is too rigid and  formal. Clients and followers on the web want to interact with companies in the same manner they interact with people- that means being approachable, transparent, and using simple clear language. Ensure that your followers feel like you are happy to interact with them and you will reap the rewards.


The second A of awesome social media is awareness. Understanding what your client’s and follower’s habits, wants, and needs are will keep you firmly planted on the track to social media success. Staying on top of habits and trends will help you potentially avoid any issues or negative sentiment that could be building around your brand. Your business can also use the conversations and even concerns of you followers as a tool for future development. All around, it will also encourage you to be more active within your own social media community and stay ahead of any developments on the horizon.


Every business has a personality. Some are quirky, some are cool, some are stuffy, some are ubber-professional. What social media has illustrated to business owners is that clients and followers care significantly about the personality of the companies with which they interact. The thoughts and beliefs of a business can be a motivating and converting factor in choices from apartments to rent to what peanut butter to buy. So how does your business want to project itself? Take an honest look and reflect that in your messages everyday.

If you follow the 3 A’s, your business and followers will see that they are interacting with more than just a business. They are interacting with real people to which they can relate. The benefits will be reflected in the happiness of your employees, the happiness or your customers, and the volume of your sales. Enjoy being awesome, we sure do…

To see the inspiration for this article take a look below:


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  • @amaaanda says:

    Hey Eric, great post about TED, I love watching their videos. Also, thanks for the link to my peanut butter article! 🙂

  • @amaaanda says:

    Hey Eric, great post about TED, I love watching their videos. Also, thanks for the link to my peanut butter article! 🙂