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Brilliant Twitter Campaigns

There are 200 million twitter accounts made up of people and brands connecting with and around each other. For many businesses, having a twitter page is incredibly important. It allows their clients to engage with their company, to give feedback, ask questions (and receive answers), receive company updates, and much more- depending on how engaged the company or brand is on twitter.

To get an idea of some of the best ways to leverage twitter and truly take advantage of its potential for businesses, here are some great company twitter campaigns using various approaches:
1. Old Spice– We discussed Old Spice’s “Smell Like A Man, Man” Campaign in a previous blog post (read it here). Their campaign took the much-adored character from Old Spice commercials and brought him to the people by bringing him to the channels where their audience communicates. This campaign was a fully integrated social media campaign, as they went onto social networking platforms to perform research and then launched the campaign throughout all kinds of different online portals. The campaign began when @Old Spice sent out this tweet: “Today could just be like the other 364 days you log into twitter, or maybe the Old Spice man shows up.” From then on, the Old Spice Guy started making videos answering questions or addressing comments people had made about him  throughout the internet. Many of these were comments that users had made about Old Spice on twitter. Soon enough, everyone was sharing this content and Old Spice was the most popular topic on twitter.

What we can learn: Old Spice listened to their audience. They knew where they were and how they communicated. They brought the message to them and gave them a treat for connecting with their brand. Anyone could ask a question about Old Spice, and there was a possibility that the Old Spice Man would answer it.

2. Moonfruit– Moonfruit gave companies an incentive for engaging with and talking about their brand. Their campaign was simple, and effective. Moonfruit offered free Apple products for tweeting their company name as a hashtag (#moonfruit). In celebration of their 10th anniversary, they gave away 10 MacBook pro computers in 10 days. Each day, a random user who included the hashtag won a computer. Winners were announced via the company’s @moontweet account. #moonfruit became Twitter’s top trending topic almost immediately and gained an impressive amount of publicity by becoming so.

What we can learn: Brands need to give their fans a reason to engage with them on these platforms. Discounts, perks, and prizes are a great way to get people excited about a brand. And these people become brand ambassadors and go on to get other people excited too. The results are exponential. Soon enough, people who had never heard of your brand are promoting it.

“Brands need to give their fans a reason to engage with them on these platforms.”

3. Zappos– Zappos has a completely integrated online presence, but puts great importance toward its efforts on twitter. First off, Zappos has a page that compiles all of the tweets  from its 198  employees called “What are Zappos employees doing right now?”.  They tweet about work, about what they’re up to, what they find interesting, and answer questions about the company. Not only are the employees on twitter, Tony the CEO (@zappos) is immersed in  twitter culture, updating his status regularly and engaging with the people who follow him and write to him. Lastly, Zappos has a page that aggregates all the public mentions of Zappos from Twitter users. In the age of the internet and social media, transparency and openness are everything. Customers want to know who they’re dealing with – and Zappos isn’t hiding any of it.

What we can learn: Be open and engage. Have all kinds of company employees promoting the brand and tweeting in its name, but make sure you have a strong brand concept and social media policy in place. If you trust your brand, your policies, and your employees – being able to share that with your clients and potential customers is key. Be trustworthy, and then show your fans they can trust you. Give your customers a sense of who they’re dealing with.

These are just a few great twitter campaigns, all with different approaches but the same end goal: to promote a product and drive sales. Old Spice, Moonfruit, and Zappos have done just that.

Any other twitter campaigns you guys think are brilliant? Share them in the comments.

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  • tany says:

    I remember Radioshack having a great campaign, I’m not sure if it was only on twitter, but I remember seeing it as a trending topic there.

    • Daniela says:

      That’s right! Radioshack had a campaign that encouraged users to post a picture of themselves holding their hand out while using the hashtag #ifihadsuperpowers in their update. Radioshack then manipulated each and every picture that was uploaded and added a cape and mask to the picture and sent it back to the user. As if that weren’t enough, they then randomly selected users who had participated and gave them amazing prices..

      #ifihadsuperpowers was a trending topic for a while and got some great and respectively inexpensive publicity from this.

  • George L. says:

    all great examples! thanks for this!!!!