politics on social media
October 4, 2016

For People Looking to Actually Talk Politics on Social Media

Scroll through your social media feeds. I bet half of the posts you just saw…
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magazine collage
June 20, 2016

Orange is the New Blue is the Warmest Color: NaviGAYting LGBT Media

  How are identities shaped by the media? As a kid with an overactive imagination,…
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virtual reality prison
May 2, 2016

Virtual Reality Prison

We’ve explored and written about and how it’ll better your business, but if you still…
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mediated violence
April 19, 2016

Mediated Violence: “Alien: Isolation” and the Future of Fright

I’m hiding in a storage locker when the motion detector at my belt blinks green…
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gender inequality
January 29, 2016

Gender Inequality, Education, and Dress Codes: A Reflection

After all, an exposed shoulder, collarbone, or knee is just so scandalous. Right? Schools have…
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video game violence
January 1, 2015

Video Game Violence: Does Killing Feel Good?

“—in the game? Does it?” A friend asked me this the other day—a non–gamer, non–asshole,…
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