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timthumb-19Oh, the glorious Facebook Like button…

Everybody knows about it, everybody talks about it, everybody “Likes” something. Facebook walls are covered in all kinds of likes, in articles we recommend, websites we frequent, videos we’ve enjoyed. The Facebook Like button has become a kind of icon. And this week, it’s changed.

It’s nothing drastic, it still looks the same, still appears in the same places- but it’s functionality has changed to that of a Share button, a change that can truly help the source of the content being shared. Now, after clicking the Like button, a story with a headline, small description, and thumbnail will be posted on your Facebook wall. It also prompts you to add a comment before posting the story. Previously, clicking the Like button would only post a small, obscure link on your wall. However, at this moment, this change only applies to likes that occur outside of Facebook. Liking a friend’s status or friend’s shared video that you find on Facebook will be the same.

Here’s an example of what the content posted on your profile looks like:

Due to these changes, users might reconsider hitting the Like button, since it will now appear on their wall and be shared with all of their friends. In the end, once users try to resist the change and get used to the functionality, it will end up driving traffic to the website that has produced the shared content.

How do you guys feel about the changes to the Like button? Let us know in the comments below.

By: Daniela Cuevas

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  • Josh B says:

    I think this change is interesting because it makes me more likely to share certain content and makes me less likely to share other content. I guess it makes it so that more worthy content is shared.

  • I don’t know, this kind of pisses me off. I feel like it’s the beginning in a long set of changes that Facebook is going to make to appease advertisers. (Then they’ll give the home addresses and cell phones out?????) I just don’t want the value of the website to decrease for the sole sake of profit. Aren’t they already profitable enough?