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They say that a picture’s worth 1000 words. If that’s the case, what’s an emoji worth? According to advertisers, it’s worth ?.

I mean, ? was the Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year for 2015. That’s pretty serious.

If you’re one of the nearly 2 billion smartphones users in the world, you’ve probably used an emoji (or 10). As an advertiser, you should be using these emojis for much more than adding flair to your #TBT Instagram posts. Many ad platforms now support emoji advertising in both ad copy and targeting. That’s right, you could be using ? to expand your audience (although we don’t recommend that for obvious reasons).

Some brands that have successfully integrated emoji advertising into in their campaigns include Domino’s and the World Wildlife Fund. These well-known companies took very different approaches when jumping on the emoji advertising bandwagon, but both saw impressive results.

Gone are the days of picking up a phone and calling a restaurant to satisfy your pizza craving. Domino’s used the ? emoji to introduce tweet based ordering to their most loyal customers. Don’t worry, you won’t automatically order a pizza just by tweeting the emoji (so feel free to keep tweeting about how ? is secret to happiness). Users had to register their Twitter handle with Domino’s and confirm their pizza order via Twitter DM. They received an impressive 500 sign ups in just one day. This campaign was so successful it won the Cannes Titanium Grand Prix for most breakthrough idea of the year in 2015.

The WWF used emojis to shed light on a much more serious issue than trying to order a pizza. 17 of these popular icons sitting in your smartphone depict endangered species. The WWF launched their #EndangeredEmoji campaign, which allowed users to pledge a donation to support endangered species by using these emojis in a future tweet.

Still not convinced that emojis are an effective marketing tool? The proof is in the numbers:


How will you be taking advantage of emojis to improve your advertising campaigns ??