Experiential Marketing.

Concept Design
Timeline & Budget Management
Event Planning & Execution
Audience Identification
Permitting Locations
Vendor & Partner Collaborations

Brand Ambassador Organization
Onsite Production Management
Interactive Experiences
Mobile Roadshows
Pop up Stores
Guerrilla Marketing

We turn your brand into an experience.

We turn your brand into an experience.

tSG will help you expand your brand’s client outreach and increase brand exposure through Experiential Marketing. Our creative and visionary team will work with you to produce revolutionary concepts as well as execute unique and memorable events for your target audience. We’re there with you every step of the way– from concept through execution–and work seamlessly together to bring your creative visions to life.
Our productions range in scale from large corporate PR and red carpet press events, mid-sized immersive atmospheres, and smaller sized interactive experiences such as live social events, pop up stores, mobile roadshows, and spontaneous guerilla campaigns.

tSG understands the importance of engaging your customers in a unique, interactive medium to create emotional connections and memorable experiences for your audience. We take all necessary measures to ensure that your production will generate buzz and newsworthy attention for your visual brand and message. Together, we’ll identify your target audience and demographic in addition to establishing a relatable, compatible location, providing user friendly social media actions and participation throughout.

By combining the way you think and speak about your brand with market research and consumer trends we are able to design a strategy that lays the framework of what your brand is and will be and which types and methods of communication will allow it to thrive.

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