Facebook revealed recently that it will be rolling out new content targeting tools, making it easier for marketers to specify who sees particular content. The update—to be implemented gradually within the next few weeks—allows Facebook Page owners to target their posts at specific segments of their fan base. The enhanced options will include targeting based on age, gender, interests, education, workplace, and relationship status.

The targeting will only affect what users see in the News Feed, meaning that all posts will still be visible on the Page itself. More basic targeting tools of this sort have been in place on Facebook for some time now: when Facebook Page owners post content to their page, they already have the option of targeting their fans based on language and location.

The enhanced options will allow for the delivery of more relevant content to Facebook users in a manner unparalleled by other online platforms. For example, in search marketing, gender targeting is possible but not always accurate, as gender is predicted based on keyword use by the searcher. Because Facebook makes its users identify their gender, the gender-based targeting option is entirely accurate. The same logic applies to the other targeting fields. Used correctly, your content will now appear only in the News Feeds of the audience that you’re looking to target. Put simply, the new options offer to marketers an unprecedented level of communicative precision.

So why is precision on Facebook useful to you as a marketer? The refined tools will allow you to post more content without overwhelming your fans. Facebook users may like your brand but they don’t necessarily want to hear everything you have to say. Reach is an important factor to be considered when designing social strategy, but you want to make sure you are reaching the right people with the right messages. Increased targeting reduces clutter and decreases the rate of “un-likes” for your page.

Readers, will you be making use of Facebook’s new targeting options for your business? Do you think increased targeting will help you to better engage with your fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Eric says:

    These tools are potentially HUGE for brands with large audiences. The ability to craft targeted and timely campaigns without the need of promoted posts and advertising is key. I wonder how this might effect the Facebook promoted posts product. Will edgerank reach be effected (increased/decreased/same) with more targeted campaigns? Great article.

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