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Foursquare’s Shocking Growth in 2010

The location-based social networking site, Foursquare, has just published an infographic documenting last year’s growth. And how much did the company grow exactly? Oh, only about 3400%.

Foursquare was created in 2009 and finished off 2010 with 6 million registered users. These users checked-in across a variety of different locations a total of 381,576,305 times. 2010 brought about plenty of events with staggering check-ins- most notably 50,000 people checking in on Election day (read more about that here), 30,525 people checking-in during Stephen Colbert’s and Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Washington, and one person checking in from outer space.

One of the best perks of Foursquare, for businesses and consumers alike, are the Foursquare business pages. Brands that have a presence on Foursquare can leave tips at different locations (deals, specials, bargains, recommendations) and be followed by other Foursquare users. When users who follow these brands check-in to places that brands have left tips at, popups appear with the brand’s recommendations. Even more importantly, brands can partner with Foursquare to offer badges (awarded to users who check in at specific venues, check in at specific types of venues, or perform many other check-in requirements) and special discounts for loyal users (e.g. restaurants may offer a 10% discounts for users who have checked-in 3 times at their restaurant). These types of promotions inspire users to seek out brands and locations who offer Foursquare related perks.

MTV (125,592 followers) and Bravo (118,914 followers) are the top followed brand partners on Foursquare. Other top brands include The History Channel, Zagat, VH1, and Bon Appetit magazine, each with over 65,000 followers. And for 2011, Foursquare is looking to dig even deeper into these business relationships. We’re excited to see what’s coming.

So let us know- do you follow any brands on Foursquare? Which are your favorites?

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  • Jason says:


  • Seth Granso says:

    It will be really interesting to see what happens with Facebook Places. I think Foursquare is a lot better, especially as of now (their business model, their badges, their branding) but Facebook always manages to switch things around. Maybe people will get tired and want all of this networking to take place on only one platform. Well, 2011 will tell.

  • KL says:

    Do you think Foursquare will allow business to make business pages soon without having to go through a Foursquare employee? It just seems tedious.

    • Daniela says:

      Hey KL,

      Actually, Foursquare is currently building a tool that will allow business to create brand pages on their own, without having a partner manually accept inquiries. Not sure when it will be ready, but we’re all hoping that it will be real soon. Keep you posted!