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How Heineken & Porsche Thank Their Facebook Fans

What do companies do when they reach a significant amount of Facebook likes? Most companies post a status update thanking their fans for their loyalty and commitment to their product or service. Some companies go a bit further- and post up a note, a memo, a letter to their fans. Others make thank you videos from their staff.

What have Heineken and Porsche done? They’re thankful. And creative. And opportunistic. And ingenious.

When Porsche reached 1,000,000 fans, they wanted to say thank you. They really wanted to say thank you. So they covered a brand new Porsche 911 GT3R Hybrid with the names of all of their fans. Porsche released pictures of the car and a time-lapse video of its creation. Fans can go on to a [lightbox title=”website” href=”” iframe=”true”] website[/lightbox] dedicated to this project to find out if their name can be found on the car. The car is now on display at the  Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

When Heineken reached 1 million likes on Facebook, they sent out “Heineken Huggers” to give back some love and “like” to the community. These huggers were a group of models dressed in their Facebook “like” and Heineken apparel. The group went through the streets of Amsterdam hoping to get to as many people as possible. Check it out:

These campaigns are a true testament to the power of social media, and of the loyalty and commitment that these channels bring. It is important that brands follow in the footsteps of Porsche and Heineken in order to truly demonstrate to their fans just how important their support is. These channels provide companies with customer feedback, engagement, and provide brands with brand ambassadors who are promoting their product for free. So it’s important to keep those clients there and happy- and it is important to show them that they truly are a part of something. Maybe you can’t make a car covered in the names of Facebook fans or maybe you can’t hire models to roam the streets for hours on end, but you can do something…

Like any other ways companies have shown their appreciation in interesting ways? Share them below.

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