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The IMTC West Conference is coming up in less than a month. The Spark Group has been developing systems in order to organize the interactions and conversations about the conference that occur through social mediums. There are a lot of meaningful conversations happening online about the conference and about topics of interest to conference participants. With all of the information online, it’s easy for those conversations to get lost. We need to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

One of the best ways to ensure this, is to use the #imtcW hashtag when tweeting about the conference. If you’re on twitter and are making a comment relevant to the IMTC West Conference, make sure to include the hashtag #imtcW with your tweet.

Below you’ll see an example of a tweet that includes the #imtcW hashtag. The hashtag then becomes a link to search results for all tweets that include #imtcW in the message. (Remember: you can include the tag anywhere in the message and can add it at the end of your tweet if you’re not directly referencing the conference.)

The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. The hashtag was created by twitter users as a way to categorize messages. Additionally, the website compiles all of the hashtaged messages on  twitter and makes them searchable. It allows users to go on the website and find all the messages related to a certain tag, see graphs that display analytics on the tags, and allows users to see when messages were posted and when the tag was most used. Follow the #imtcW hashtag on by using this link:

All of the companies and participants at the IMTC West Conference will be sharing a lot of useful information for the MT industry and we want to make sure that none of it is lost, all of it is cataloged, and that a dialogue can be formed that transcends the actual physicality of the conference and continues on the online world. One of those options is the IMTC Group on LinkedIn which you can follow and participate with here. But there are a lot more mediums, and a lot more conversations. Let’s collaborate to bring the #imtcW hashtag to life. It depends on all conference participants and those interested in the conference to make it happen.

Share your company twitter handle or your personal twitter handle in the comment section below so that other conference participants can easily follow companies and users of their choice. The Spark Group will create a twitter group of all those that are included.