Feeling The Spark?

You may hear from us right away, or not for a while. Timing is everything, but there is no harm in being in our talent directory. We are always on the lookout for creative, passionate, adventurous & quirky people to work with who have a fervor for learning, creating, and pursuing their professional and personal ambitions.
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Perks & Benefits


Open Paid Time Off

We recognize the need for employees to take time away from the office to creatively recharge. We also believe in taking personal responsibility for managing our own time, workload, and results. To that end, we’ve adopted an Open PTO (Paid Time Off) policy, in which each employee is afforded the flexibility to take vacation, take time off for illness, and shift schedules as necessary. We do not track or limit employee vacation times or sick days – take the time you need to operate at peak performance.


Pet Friendly

If you haven’t already noticed our love for furry and even not-so-furry friends, you should probably head over to our team page (summary: some of our most crucial team members are not of the human variety). Bring your pet to work and let them lounge on our couch, play with our toys, eat our never-ending supply of treats, and potentially secure themselves a spot on the tSG team. No need to worry about leaving your pet alone for hours while you’re off working hard and playing hard with our team- let them be a part of the adventure! And when we say we’re pet friendly… what we’re really saying is that we’re pet obsessed. But we probably made that pretty clear already.


Team Bonding

Our success depends on our ability to jive with our coworkers. Digital marketing is all about synchronicity between channels, and we strive to create that synchronicity within our team. We’re 100% committed to cultivating a culture that enables bonding x’s 100. There’s no way climbing palm trees togetherburying each other in sand, having wheelbarrow races in empty trade-show rooms, hosting hula-hooping competitionsplaying tons of Cards Against Humanity, and challenging each other at beer pong will leave you with best friends you can’t wait to collaborate with.



We go to conferences and trade-shows worldwide and are super pumped about showing you off to our clients and potential clients. Enjoy paid travel, sweet hotel rooms, non-boring networking events, standing out at trade showsmeeting with pretty sweet companies, showing off your marketing knowledge, and attending learning sessions and workshops that you’re interested in. And since you’re traveling, you’ll also get the joy of participating in our #TSGChallenges. (Don’t know what a #TSGChallenge is? Clearly we need to become better friends on our social channels.)



Recharge and relax with a free subscription to Netflix. And no, this is not just a selfish way of having people to talk about all the shows we’re obsessed with. And yes, this means you get to rewatch all 10 seasons of Friends. Over. And over. And over.



No matter how busy we are, we always make time to celebrate all of the amazing, mind-blowing, life-altering, euphoria-inducing moments life throws our way.  That being said, we take celebrations very (very) seriously: birthdays, holidays, professional wins, accomplishments, life events — if there’s a reason to celebrate, we’ll be there to celebrate it.


Paid Courses & Workshops

We’re all about people who are on a continuous journey of self-growth and fulfillment, which is why we strive to help you on along your path of professional and personal development. If there’s a course or workshop that catches your eye, it’s on us. There’s nothing we want more than to help you help you. Because when you help you, well, we all win.


Free Liquor & Beer

Unwind from a full day of work by enjoying our fully-stacked beer and liquor bar. There’s nothing like grabbing a cold one after a long, non-stop, successful day of marketing. That’s something we all can cheer to, and as a tSGer- always count on.


Books, Books, Books

We love big books and we cannot lie. We also love small books. That being said, we have a growing library of over 700 books that you can borrow to your mind, heart, and soul’s content. Business books, how-tos, bestsellers, classics, fiction, nonfiction, comic, graphic novels, memoirs, photography, design… you get the picture (or should we say story)?



It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include Rachel, a tSG content strategist, as a perk of working with us. However, putting it into words isn’t quite so easy. Instead, we’ll use a few pictures to try to get the picture across: she headed this effort, challenged this to happenglued all of this (and this), and always makes sure to capture everyone in their best light. We could keep going and going, but we don’t want to give too much away.