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According to Forbes’s Celebrity 100 List, Lady Gaga is the most powerful celebrity in the world. Oprah Winfrey has fallen to second place. (For you curious folk: 3. Justin Bieber, 4. U2, 5. Elton John)


Social media.

These celebrities earned billions of dollars in the past 12 months by starring in movies, playing sports, selling records, writing books, and all kinds of other wonderful celebrity activities. But their placement on Forbes’s list doesn’t only have to do with how much they earned. They also claim their fame by the amount of influence they have. And these days, this influence comes from mastering social media.

We’ve written about Lady Gaga’s use of social media, and rightfully so (read the article here). She’s a monster. And she mobilizes her army of “little monsters” into buying records, attending concerts, and sharing content. Case in point: her 32 million+  Facebook fans and 10 million+ Twitter followers helped reach 1 million digital downloads of her recent single, “Born This Way” in only five days. Five.

According to Forbes, “Lady Gaga beat Oprah this year because of her social media power. She can use Twitter and Facebook to work the ‘little monsters’ into a frenzy that leads to record sales and media attention. She’s the best example of how celebrities will need to manage their careers in the coming years.” But Lady Gaga isn’t only a great example for celebrities. Businesses need to do the same. There’s nothing more powerful than having your fans advocate your product to others, whether it be music, a car brand, a makeup product, or a service. Establishing loyal followers and brand advocacy is a key for success in this age and Lady Gaga is leading the way.

To learn more about how Lady Gaga harnesses the power of social media, check out our past blog post in which we point out some of the key ways she has been able to do it. The post also focuses on Justin Bieber’s use of the internet and social media (and what do you know, he came in at #3). Read that blog post here.

By: Daniela Cuevas