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The Spark Group  likes New York City

The Spark Group  likes Los Angeles’ Skate Parks

The Spark Group  likes Nicole Marimon

The advent of the like button has come and conquered. Thanks to Facebook’s like button, we are now a culture of “likes”. Advertised across our profile pages, people can see the new songs we liked, the comments we think are funny, and which articles we thought were interesting. Primarily because of Facebook and the hundreds of social media sites, we are society that likes to share all of the many things that catch our interest and define us. It’s a part of social media that characterizes our online interactions and will continue to push social media evolution.

Through the like button, our online experience transcends the one dimensional computer screen and we allow our 3-d real world to enter our online experience. It is a change that we could probably no longer live without. We carry around smart phones and tablets that give instant and worldwide access to the web; allowing us the opportunity to immediately share the many things that spark inspiration. This monumental (yet ironically minuscule) form of expression inspired us at The Spark Group to take the like experience beyond the web browser page.

A few months ago, The Spark Group took the like button to the real world. Throughout our daily travels and experiences, we decided to look at the world as our Facebook page. The vistas we crossed became our likes. The colorful walls, trendy clothes, and unique people became our form of expression. The Spark Group likes…the real world. Our goal was to break the fourth wall and in turn acknowledge the power of the like button.

We wanted to show how transcendental the like button has become to our culture. As students of the world of social media, we can’t deny the way the like button has molded the face of online mediums. Web users become more than a profile or username. Online, people now have personalities, opinions, likes. Through our profile and our likes,  we create an image of who we are that extends beyond the Internet. The person we are in the “real” world is depicted in likes, and our profiles become our identity, an identity we continuously curate to depict ourselves as we’d like others to see us. Liking things is just an extension of this, an extension that follows us into the real world, influencing and changing the way we see and interact with the world around us. Our project was meant to show a new mindset that is growing in society: the idea of the like button traveling with us. It is a form of sharing and expression that has become universal and powerful.

The flow of information and experiences goes both ways. Take the like button out of your computer. Let it interact with the world. As we slowly move into the future, imagine a world where  liking is immediate, a world which we can influence with our likes. Now open your eyes and see that the time is already here. So take up your button and start liking!

View the TSG like button in action here.

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