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LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking site, has just released Linkedin Today. LinkedIn Today is a new social news product for business professionals.

Thursday LinkedIn held a press event at its headquarters in Mountain View, California. LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, and SVP of product, Deep Nishar, discussed the company’s new product strategy and revealed a few new features.

CEO Jeff Weiner says “the company has three central goals as part of its quest to deliver value to its membership. First, LinkedIn wants to be the professional profile of record. Second, the company wants to be the primary source for professional insights. Finally, LinkedIn wants to be ubiquitous in the workplace.”

SVP of product, Nishar, went on to explain the vast amounts of business information that passes through LinkedIn’s servers such as profile views, connections, polls, sharing stats, and more. “The challenge is finding a way to synthesize and deliver this information in a way that gives its users actionable business data.”

At the start of the event, the business network demoed two previously launched products: LinkedIn Skills and LinkedIn InMaps.  Deep Nishar added that the new features would ease the accessibility of these past products; “products like Skills and InMaps provide its users unparalleled business insights, but users have to dig into these products for the relevant data and insights. The company wants to take things a step further by delivering that data to its users’ fingertips. ” LinkedIn says that two of its products fit into this model: the already-launched LinkedIn Signal and the new LinkedIn Today.

LinkedIn Today is a professional news product that aggregates and delivers a personalized news experience to each user. Product manager, Liz Walker, says that it chooses stories based on what stories a user’s network is sharing. Essentially, it surfaces the top stories and headlines shared across multiple industries in each professional’s network. This way, users are being offered a customized and targeted way to consume top trending news that is relevant to any particular industry. LinkedIn Today will allow members  to access professional news that is being watched by their connections, their industry, and the larger global professional network.

In addition, just today LinkedIn has launched version 3.6 of their iPhone app, which will allow users to access LinkedIn Today via their mobile phones. This feature will literally put this information in each users fingertips, in the most accessible of ways.  The application also allows stories to be saved for later use. Download the app here.

Here’s the video that LinkedIn released in order to fully explain the idea behind and the benefits of LinkedIn Today:

How do you feel about LinkedIn Today? Will you be trying it out? Let us know in the comments below.