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Recommendations for Facebook Places

While the dust settles from the overhaul of Facebook Pages to Timeline, you might have noticed a missing feature in the new design: recommendations for Facebook Places. Until yesterday, it was looking like the feature didn’t make the cut for Timeline, leaving users unable to read and write recommendations for Facebook Places. However, recommendations have been reintroduced to Pages on Timeline, allowing fans to put in a good word to their friends and visitors of your Page.

User recommendations will now be displayed in a box below friend activity on a Page, along with a prompt for users to write and post their own recommendations. Those recommendations will also be displayed on the author’s Timeline and in the news feed of friends, along with a link for a person’s friends to also write a recommendation, granting valuable exposure to a business. For brands wishing to take advantage of the feature, be sure to include a specific place of business in your About section, as only Pages that are associated with locations and list an exact address are eligible for recommendations.

Recommendations for Facebook Places Example

Since January, Facebook has been testing recommendations on its mobile site, making it that much easier for users to discover nearby places that their friends enjoy. For a business, recommendations are highly beneficial for marketing and gaining visibility. While a positive wall post can be easily and quickly lost amidst other posts in a matter of time, recommendations are displayed separately. And because they appear on authors’ Timelines and the feeds of their friends, recommendations have the power to influence many potential new customers to try out your restaurant, bar, shop, etc.

Readers, do you write recommendations for the places you like on Facebook? How influential are friends’ recommendations in deciding places to visit? Let us know in the comments section.