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Music Playlist

October was well, an interesting and tough month to say the least. And a difficult month, especially for US’s North East and with that, NYC- home of the TSG HQs. So now, more than ever, we need GREAT MUSIC to get us by. To get us going. To keep us getting to where we need to go. And there’s nothing better than an OFFICIAL TSG NOVEMBER MUSIC PLAYLIST to give us all a hand with that.

So, without further ado- we bring you music to make you have an EXTRA HAPPY ‘VEMBER. Oh yeah, it also doesn’t hurt that there’s only a MAXIMUM of 22 days until you get to feast your belly on a fantabulastic Thanksgiving feast, and a post-Thanksgiving GOBBLER SANDWICH. (Click that link. See that sandwich. Seriously).


Link to Spotify Playlist: Click Here (Not on Spotify? What are you waiting for?!)