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Whether it’s a simple design tweak or serious site overhaul, most changes made by major media platforms spawn negative feedback, nasty criticism and even an outright refusal of continued patronage from users. For YouTube, which launched a new design for Channels last December aimed at helping users engage with users and pull in repeat traffic, the case was certainly no different. The site’s facelift was met with fiery protest. But, YouTube Channel creators can rest easy knowing that the site’s new design has been good for business. Very good, in fact.

youtube channel Since launching the new design in December, the company has found that daily net subscriptions to channels are up 50%. Subscriptions are great for Channel creators, because every new subscription means that a new user is interested in seeing more content from that Channel. So a surge in daily net subscriptions tells us that visitors to YouTube are more often and more easily finding relevant content that they like. Additionally, the company reports that daily unique visits to Channels have increased by 60%. Put simply, the new layout is a hit.

YouTube gave admins three months to practice with the new design since its launch. Now, the layout has been rolled out to the entire user base, and given the numbers, there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot for users, creators, admins, or anyone on the site to continue griping about.

Changes to the site have allowed for more customization to users’ homepages. Also, Channel templates have been added to help better suit the needs of Channels, giving creators layout options to best display their content. The site has added a new Featured tab to more prominently display content, as well as a search feature for easier programming. You can also link your Google+ and Facebook to your channel to spread your visibility across the social media universe.
youtube homepage

So what do you think about the new YouTube? Do you find the new layout helpful in finding videos you like? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!