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Airbnb came to The Spark Group looking to boost their value in New York City. It was clear to us that we needed to dedicate our time to creating beautiful, compelling, and enticing images of the cities New Yorkers call home. We needed to add value and interest into Airbnb’s online presence in New York.

Our team took to the interweb to see what Airbnb’s competitors were doing, and the vast majority of them did not feature standout imagery or detailed information on the cities they featured. While posting articles of interest to travelers and highlighting particular areas on social channels and their websites, Airbnb’s competitors were not focused on the images or facts themselves–leaving behind quite a bit of appeal.

Our competitor analysis of Airbnb along with leveraging social listening led us to find out that our graphic design needed to revolve around the most compelling way to showcase stunning images and valuable facts about each city. We wanted to highlight the overarching impact Airbnb has on the city’s economy: making it thrive and encouraging people to spend money on this type of service. Our strategy coupled the striking facts about Airbnb in NYC and the beauty of NYC itself and the result was a whirlwind of excitement about the brand all over again.




Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing

Airbnb Logo White

Graphic Design.

Our designers dug deep into their inspiration jars to find the perfect way to express the value in Airbnb for NYC. What they came out with was a creatively-inspired blending of brand and city itself, and each vector rendering was born. The images and the typeface were true to Airbnb’s branding–only it was revitalized into simple yet powerful design.

Airbnb Share Brooklyn
Airbnb Share Manhattan
Airbnb Share Staten Island


The Spark Group’s content strategists and social media producer teamed up to bring Airbnb to life on social media. We accomplished the task in front of us by showcasing the images with copy that enticed users to dive deeper into what Airbnb in NYC could offer. The amount of buzz we stimulated in users from our standout design was unparalleled.

Email Marketing.

We utilized the power of email to bring Airbnb’s value straight to people’s inboxes. By combining the messaging we crafted in our social content and the graphic design direction we took, we were able to send out emails that had great click-through rates and intriguing titles. With 82% of consumers saying they open emails from brands, it was no wonder this part of our strategy was able to reach consumers with information they readily accepted.

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