A digital campaign that’s clinically shown to improve your dental health – one delicious chocolate chew at a time.

BasicBites came to The Spark Group as a dental care product that patients will actually love using. These 15 calorie, sugar free, chocolate chews support enamel health and are great for those with a sweet tooth, those suffering from dry mouth, or really anyone looking to take better care of their teeth.

To tackle this niche market, tSG crafted two main campaigns: one targeting dental professionals and one reaching the consumer market. Through social media and Amazon’s advertising tools, the team was able to create highly segmented targeting groups to boost sales while maintaining a low ACoS and generate sample requests from qualified dental professionals.





Organic Social Media Posts.

To increase BasicBites’ digital presence and increase engagement, tSG creates ongoing social content to be shared across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our team crafts content that ranges from informative and educational posts to more relatable content that helps convey just how delicious and innovative BasicBites are.

In order to maximize our reach, select posts are boosted to reach new users. This targeting includes parents who are looking for new ways to support their children’s health, dental professionals looking for innovative products to recommend to patients, and consumers looking for a simple way to upgrade their dental routine.

Social Media Ads.

In addition to our posting schedule, tSG also runs a series of ads that reach both dental professionals and consumers. Through highly optimized copy and creative, we were able to increase the number of samples requested by qualified leads significantly throughout the campaign as well as educate consumers who later on become loyal customers.

BasicBites Canvas Ad

Amazon Campaigns.

Using both Amazon Seller Central and AMS Marketing Services, we are running a robust campaign that includes product display ads as well as sponsored product placements. Over time, we were successfully able to reduce the ACoS and bid competitively against well-established oral care brands.

Amazon Product Display Ad


To support our digital campaign and overall brand awareness, we worked with a network of social influencers to promote the product. By tapping into the “mommy blogger” network and partnering with an established nutritionist, we were able to increase reach and interest in the product and generate a boost in overall site traffic.

“The Spark Group has been a valuable partner in growing the digital presence of BasicBites. Through their experience and expertise in digital marketing and ecommerce, they helped us expand our reach to both professionals and consumers and educate these users on the benefits of our product. We are excited to continue working with The Spark Group as our business continues to grow.”

– Mitch Goldberg, President, Ortek Therapeutics, Inc.

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