How building this POS app’s digital presence made us Besties.

Bestie App for iPad was freshly on the app store when they came to The Spark Group for a digital strategy. They needed a way to get the word out about their app, and increase downloads. We needed to target those who had no other method of providing the services that Bestie did– providing Bestie with a strong niche position in the market.

We turned yet again to the powerful method of social listening. Finding the right outlets to reach Bestie’s target audience proved to be the most effective driving force for our strategy. By uncovering freelance makeup artists and hair stylists posting photos of their work, we were able to identify those who could benefit from Bestie. What’s more, we found that as a tool built for freelancers and salon managers, Bestie had potential to give analytics that previous POS systems couldn’t give before.

Bestie needed a strategy to connect with potential users that would reflect its fun, helpful nature. We dove headfirst into mapping out all the ways Bestie could solve a problem for its users, and chose the channels that would communicate Bestie’s uniqueness most effectively. Positioning information about the app’s unique selling points as well as its inherent value at the forefront of its marketing push would be the key to success.




Website Design & Development, Social, Email Marketing


Website Design and Development.

Our developers and designers collaborated to create a clean flow of information and visual prompts for Bestie’s website. With easy information placed strategically in order of importance, Bestie’s website was engineered to keep users on the page by keeping them interested in the problems Bestie could solve. Clear visual iterations of the app were placed to reinforce the descriptions of each service, with easy customer support present at all times. Links to Bestie’s social pages and an integrated RSS feed were implemented to boost Bestie’s SEO and exposure.

Bestie Website Design and Development


If there is one marketing channel that contained most of Bestie’s potential users, it would be social media. These networks are filled with start-up freelancers and salon profiles–so much so that it was no one-man task to conduct the outreach to all of them. We crafted social posts that integrated a mini-campaign we created for Bestie within Twitter as well as featured app features that would entice potential users and Bestie’s following. To constantly add value to Bestie’s following, we researched trends in the beauty world and incorporated them into Bestie’s online persona. When users saw Bestie’s social posts, they’d automatically tie beauty expertise with the functionality they so needed.


Email Marketing.

The last piece of Bestie’s marketing puzzle was to fuel user interest through email. Featuring prominent calls to action and Bestie’s unique hashtag in every email, this leg of our strategy retargeted those users that had already signed up for Bestie’s email newsletter. In doing so, Bestie’s services were kept at the forefront of users’ minds when it came to their salon needs. The added value content we included in these emails prompted them to become user-generated content every time an email from Bestie was forwarded and commented on.



Increase of Social Reach


Decrease in Cost per Click


Increase of Post Likes

TSG built Bestie’s social accounts from scratch. TSG effectively increased reach by 26.8% and generate 376 app clicks in a 3 month period.

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TSG rebrand

TSG rebrand