Beauty App Branding Makeover

Booksy, a mobile booking app for beauty services with over 1 million users and 10,000 merchants, came to tSG seeking a new compelling brand identity that would help them stand out in an increasingly saturated market. tSG needed to set out to redesign this beauty app branding in a way that would lead users to view Boosky not just as a helpful mobile tool, but as a trusted an knowledgeable friend.

Our brand strategists conducted audience research to learn what customers sought from organizational tools. We discovered that Booksy’s merchants are emotionally motivated by the idea that an efficient booking software allows them to direct more of their attention to their artistic craft — when merchants don’t have to worry about answering phone calls or replying to emails, they can direct all of their focus on the client they have in their chair.

To help Booksy appeal and connect to its customers emotional desires, tSG overhauled the brand with a new logo, marketing collateral, and tone of voice guide.




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Booksy’s previous branding was dated, and it didn’t connote the emotional benefits the brand wanted to impress upon its customers. tSG created a modern new identity that feels inclusive and welcoming, with a sleek twist.

To emphasize Booksy’s role as a trusted and knowledgeable friend, tSG created a round logo that feels both approachable and accessible. The swoosh on the “b” is a partial infinity sign, representing the idea of connection between beauty merchants and their clients.

To modernize the brand, tSG utilized black and white colors to feel contemporary and to serve as a clean canvas to let other brand imagery shine. tSG also designed a vibrant secondary color palette made up of four base colors paired with purple. The secondary color palette is used to create bold and punchy visual gradients that make brand photographs feel more cohesive.

beauty app branding
beauty app branding