A new hub for TchoTcho Mobile.

Digicel Haiti came to The Spark Group to create a microsite that would serve as a central hub for TchoTcho Mobile, a new mobile wallet service they had recently launched. The microsite would be incorporated into the larger Digital Haiti site, and required the same personality and tone of the Digicel Brand. We worked to create a site that would be informative and useful for all visitor types (potential users and agents and current users and agents) available in both English and French. The development of the site included many features, including cell phone animations that replicated the many actions TchoTcho Mobile users could perform from their devices (the animations were to go through all of the steps required of users in order to perform specific actions [registration, top-ups, transfers, etc.]). We also included an Agent Search, where interested users could search for agent locations closest to them.

During the planning process, we ensured that the microsite would allow users to navigate the page with ease and find the information relevant to them in order for them to perform specific conversion actions.




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