Rejuvenating a Costa Rican escape — from the inside out.

Hacienda Del Sol, a wellness retreat spot in beautiful Costa Rica, had to find a way to reach its customers both visually and compellingly. The Spark Group needed to refine each customer group so that Hacienda Del Sol was consistently attracting the right people to their breathtaking getaway.

Our content strategists leveraged social listening to truly understand what people were saying about detoxes, wellness retreats, and spa spots–and what their competitors were saying. By scouring Twitter and Instagram, we discovered that Hacienda Del Sol’s target audience was yearning for a place just like theirs. We also found that their competitors’ messaging was too salesy for a purchase like this one; they weren’t sincere about attracting people to get on the path to true wellness. In looking at Hacienda Del Sol’s Google Analytics insights, we noticed a trend: people were coming to the site and leaving– there wasn’t any sense of flow to the site.

Hacienda Del Sol was in desperate need of outlets that would draw in attention worth their advertising dollars and reach the right people. The Spark Group chose those we felt were the most direct and most cost-effective for educating people on wellness and providing constant customer support.


Hacienda del Sol


Branding, Website Design & Development, Email Marketing, Social

Haciendadelsol Logo


Hacienda Del Sol’s current branding was not so consistent throughout their social channels and marketing collateral. We created a permeating identity that identified the importance of each offering Hacienda Del Sol had. The newly-branded Hacienda Del Sol now has a facade whose effect is just as vibrant as one of their fresh fruit cleanses.

The Spark Group’s mission when it came to Hacienda Del Sol’s logo was to blend the relaxation visitors found in the retreat with the purifying wellness they’d receive once they left. Their previous logo, a smiling sun, wasn’t expressing the true notion of being at one with discovering oneself. We recreated this sun to appear serenely peaceful; whenever users would think of a calming road to true wellness, they’d think of Hacienda Del Sol.



Hacienda Del Sol’s social media presence in its previous state did not aim to add value into its following’s news feed, rather it aimed to drive reservations. The Spark Group injected vitality back into their branded social channels by creating relevant, useful content–such as recipes, healthy detox drink ideas, and the like–to associate Hacienda Del Sol with expertise in the wellness retreat sphere. We leveraged the social listening insight we had gained in order to show its following we had the answers to their questions on social.


We designed Hacienda Del Sol’s website so that it reflected the natural beauty Costa Rica had to offer, as well as developed it so that users would feel compelled to invest in themselves. Including awe-inspired photography and information about the retreat showed users just how beautiful a place Hacienda Del Sol was, adding to its credibility. We implemented prominent calls-to-action throughout the website: “Book Now” buttons, their address, phone number, and exact locations were easily accessible throughout the site.

Haciendadelsol outline device mockup

Search & Display.

One of the best parts of working with Hacienda Del Sol was being able to reach people at the moment they were looking for Hacienda Del Sol’s services. A search and display strategy was pivotal to identifying the (literal) exact things people were searching for when they needed to find a wellness retreat. In fact, we spent days building keyword lists and optimizing to the best performers. Our team also utilized the power of Google’s Display Network to showcase and underscore Hacienda Del Sol’s beautiful scenery alongside their retreat offerings. By targeting those who had already visited Hacienda Del Sol’s website, we were able to keep their business top of mind for their potential customers.


Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in online booking


Increase in website visit duration

Since partnering with The Spark Group, Hacienda’s website traffic increased by 78.9% and average visit duration increased by 48.51%. A key part of our digital strategy revolved around creating a streamlined online booking process that would encourage customers to purchase packages online – after our campaign, visits to the online booking and checkout pages increased by 90.6%.

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