A multi-faceted campaign for an extraordinary multi-purpose body manager.

Healbe came to The Spark Group with the GoBe: the first body manager ever that can automatically track the calories an individual consumes. Because the project was funded on Indiegogo, Healbe has weak brand awareness because the GoBe was known only by the early innovators who backed the project. While these venturesome individuals are important, they only make up a small portion of the consumer market. So, Healbe partnered with The Spark Group to help raise awareness for the GoBe and to increase sales of the device in the competitive fitness tracker and smartwatch market.

Social strategists on our team utilized social listening to obtain a better understanding of how people feel about their wearable fitness trackers and how they feel the devices affect their overall wellness. We found that these users embraced lifestyles that place a heavy emphasis on health and fitness, and that they’re looking to find their own unique ways to balance all aspects their lives. Healbe’s competitors were focusing solely on the fitness benefits of their wearable devices, giving us the perfect opportunity to highlight GoBe as a fitness band that can help you improve and find balance in all aspects of your life.

Healbe needed a strategy that would appeal to regular people, not just athletes. We needed to help the brand connect and develop relationships with people who were interested in being healthier in their daily lives. To accomplish this we helped Healbe become a brand that consumers would recognize as a source of pertinent health and fitness information for while we produced dynamic visual content that illustrates how the GoBe helps regular people become the best and healthiest versions of themselves.


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The Spark Group adopted a two-pronged approach to Healbe’s social media content. We curated insightful health, nutrition, and fitness content from reliable sources to share with Healbe’s dedicated followers. We also produced content highlighting GoBe’s key features to help existing customers and potential buyers better understand the devices functionality and how it will to add value each of their lives by giving them access to unique health information they could never access before. To further increase engagement and to get existing GoBe customers talking about the device with their friends and followers, The Spark Group hosted a contest across Facebook and Instagram encouraging users to share images of themselves using the GoBe device.

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To bring the brand to life, The Spark Group produced series of lifestyle and still life photography to that were published in both promoted and organic social posts. Our creative strategists and designers worked together to create was bright and colorful images that make Healbe stand out in the crowded wearables market in a fun way. Then, to add a humanistic touch to the brand and to help potential customers imagine themselves using the devices, we went out and about in New York to photograph the GoBe as it’s used in everyday activities.


Healbe desperately needed to forge relationships with consumers, and to accomplish this we launched a dedicated influencer campaign. After scouring for users who aligned with our brand personality, we collaborated to leverage their audiences by creating a series of authentic product reviews on Instagram. These influencers created beautiful imagery that showcased how the GoBe serves each of them in their daily lives; these images and reviews were shared on both the influencer’s individual Instagram account, and across Healbe’s social accounts to maximize the return.


To drive increased traffic to the Healbe website and to help improve SEO, The Spark Group published bimonthly blog posts on Healbe.com. These blog posts offered tips for staying hydrated and making the most out of your night’s sleep, among other topics that related to the GoBe’s functions. To reach larger audiences, these blog posts were promoted on multiple content discovery platforms, where we consistently optimized link titles and preview images based on CTR.

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Increase in Facebook followers


Increase in Twitter followers

After partnering with the Spark Group on a campaign to create engaging and shareable social content, Healbe’s social channels have been growing quickly at a steady pace, surpassing the growth rates of the brand’s leading competitors. On Twitter, Healbe’s following has increased by 39% and on Facebook it increased by 32%.

When we began working with The Spark Group, it was a difficult time for our company. We’d just launched our new product on the U.S. market, and we were looking for a reliable partner to create and maintain a unique voice for our brand in the crowded space. When tSG took over, our teams collaborated to create the perfect content for engaging our audience. Each team member we’ve worked with is extremely informative, helpful, and professional. This team has a ton of creativity and amazing Spark spirit. If you’re looking for an agency to work with, I fully recommend tSG.

– Olga Sivitskaya, Marketing Director

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