Cuisine inspired by Spain, web design inspired by cuisine.

Huertas tapped The Spark Group to design and develop a new website that would indulge the senses of gourmands everywhere. The challenge was to reinvent Huertas’s online presence in a way that would clearly showcase the restaurant’s beautiful meals and entice the senses of all online visitors.

We found that these people care about being able to easily see their menu options before deciding where to dine, and with so many people browsing on-the-go, we knew the website must be compatible with mobile devices.

Dining at Huertas evokes the lively eating and drinking culture of Northern Spain. So, The Spark Group designed to emulate this experience, combining the playful elements of a Pintxo Bar with the elegant qualities of Basque cuisine. To accomplish this, we planned for vibrant food photographs to take center stage, allowing visitors to imagine themselves fully immersed in the delectable experience offered up in the Huertas dining room.


Huertas NYC


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To honor the menu crafted by the Huertas team, we designed the website to highlight photographs of each dish and the inspiration behind them. All other website features followed a minimalistic approach to allow visitors immediate access to the information they craved. To accommodate on-the-go meal-seekers, the website was developed with responsive technology that adapts to all mobile and tablet sizes.

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