Reigniting the persona of a remittances conference giant.

IMTC is all about in-person networking, but the physical conferences only occur three times a year, so the brand turned to The Spark Group to find a way to keep this networking alive all year round online. IMTC also sought our assistance to design and develop a new website with simple navigation to ensure ease of use so that its customers could easily access important information online.

Three years of analytics gathered from the previous IMTC website fueled our redesign of the new site. With this data, we were able to analyze how visitors navigate through the website, where they dropped off on each page, on what pages they spent most of their time, and on what links they clicked the most. To create a truly seamless user experience, we also read through three years of customer help emails to determine which pieces of information people sought after the most, and then we made sure our new design presented this information in ways that felt intuitive to locate. In planning our email marketing campaign, we also analyzed three years of data involving open rates, click rates, heat maps, and conversion rates so we could accurately optimize the design, layout, length, and content of the newsletter.

Because IMTC exists as a key resource for important information regarding the money transfer industry, it was crucial that The Spark Group executed this integrated marketing campaign in a manner that would ensure easy access to these significant online resources. We approached each channel with the goal of designing content that would allow for clarity, understanding, and easy readability of this information.




Website Design, App Development, Search & Display, Social,Video

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Branding and Design.

The Spark Group worked closely with IMTC to ensure all aspects of the event are branded. We developed an effective Sponsorship Kit that was used to excite financial institutions into exhibiting or sponsoring at the IMTC Conferences by laying out the structure in order to pique interest, and highlighting unique selling points. We also revamped and modernized IMTC’s existing branding and translated it throughout all aspects of this Sponsorship Kit.

The Spark Group has assisted with the design of several thought pieces and white pages that have been handed out at IMTC conferences and published online. We work to determine the layouts that will best communicate the content being discussed, then create illustrations and data visualizations to accompany text, making the article more informative and easier to read.

The Spark Group also collaborated with IMTC to create the layout and design of its widely-distributed document on MTBIT Remittances and Blockchains. This document aims to bridge the understanding gap between the Money Transfer & Remittance Industry and the blockchain revolution, as new international money transfer services appear on the horizon. This document helped propel the industry forward by creating a better understanding of a that will help create partnerships and alliances, and our approach to designing the document helped ensure this document was clear, understandable, and easily readable.


Website Development.

We worked with IMTC to create a brand new website that makes it as simple as possible for their customers to reach the information they need. The website experienced a major redesign with new graphics, features, functionality, and structure. This new website integrates with Cvent registration software to allow for a smooth flow throughout the purchasing funnel. The website was also equipped with various landing pages for all upcoming conferences, so that any outside advertising would bring potential leads to a targeted and directly relevant page.


Through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, past conference participants can discuss, engage, debate, and network. IMTC’s LinkedIn group has 1000+ members and is a thriving hub for industry related news and discussion. Through the IMTC Twitter account, we have formed numerous media partnerships and we also offer participants a platform to advocate for the brand via #IMTC. The Facebook page serves as an additional outlet for discussion and updates as well as a place to host and share conference photos. By hosting conference interviews on YouTube, speaker and sponsor reach is amplified across the web.


Search and Display Remarketing.

The Spark Group conducted several successful display remarketing campaigns for IMTC that were designed to prevent attrition and build brand loyalty by encouraging users who had already visited the site to register for a conference. We optimise the campaigns toward how recently users had visited the website, and which pages they visited. After this optimization phase, conversions increased steadily.


Mobile Marketing.

The Spark Group developed a go-to event guide for navigating the IMTC Conferences. Attendees were provided with an application that allowed them to browse: the conference agenda, sponsor listings, and participant information, to navigate the trade fair and surrounding area via detailed maps, and to integrate their social profiles for a systematic and streamlined conference experience. In addition to providing this experience, the application provided conference sponsors increased exposure, used push notifications to notify participants of important conference happenings, allowed participants to network and connect with others by interest, industries, or needs, and find local area attractions of interest. The app was developed for both all iOS and Android devices.

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Decrease in Cost per Conversion


Increase in Website Clicks


Increase in Conference Registration

Positive reactions to The Spark Group’s revamp of the IMTC’s rebranding and an increase in exhibitors and sponsors led the IMTC to use the branding revamp to permeate throughout all other aspects of its brand identity. Also, since our creation of the MTBIT document, it has been downloaded thousands of times, shared across social media platforms, and it’s spurred hundreds of conversations on the topic–it was even picked up by some of the industry’s most renowned publications.

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