Whole, plant-based food for the body; nourishing, educational content for the mind.

Kitchen Therapy is a meal subscription service company dedicated to providing its customers with foods that are completely free of animal products, added oils, and refined flours and sugars. They came together with The Spark Group looking to build out a more robust social media presence that would help convert online fans into Kitchen Therapy subscribers.

The Spark Group worked closely with Kitchen Therapy to gain a sense of what challenges the brand was facing and to better understand what aspects of its social strategy could be improved upon the most. Our collaboration allowed us to discover that the brand was struggling to effectively attract and engage targeted users.

To reach Kitchen Therapy’s audience effectively, our team revamped the brand’s social media presence by crafting a multifaceted social campaign. The driving force behind this campaign was a series of beautiful graphics and informative animated videos that would help potential users better understand the benefits that come with Kitchen Therapy’s services.


Kitchen Therapy


Social Media, Video Production, Influencer Outreach

KitchenTherapy Graphics

Social Media.

To help Kitchen Therapy reach its long-term goals, we placed an emphasis on creating easily consumable content for the brand’s online audience. Our social media team published weekly social content, which paired stunning food photography with sleek typography. Sharing this engaging content across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we were able to engage with followers as well as potential customers across all social channels.

KT instagram


Kitchen Therapy came to The Spark Group looking for a way to captivate potential customers and to explain the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet without losing customers’ attention. To do this, TSG created a series of 15-second animated videos with beautiful photography and vector graphics. These highly-shareable videos were spread across social media to attract and educate new users. These shorter videos were then combined into one longer, 60-second video that was placed on Kitchen Therapy’s website. The video now sits on the homepage, constantly and actively educating consumers on the benefits of an easy, plant-based diet. During the video production process, our team wrote the script, created the storyboard, managed the voice over, and produced the animation effects.

Influencer Outreach.

To help increase conversion rates, our team also conducted in-depth research to identify influential Twitter and Instagram users in NYC who are passionate about nutrition, vegan diets, and living healthy lifestyles. By reaching out to these influencers on Twitter, we started organic conversations with users, creating meaningful connections with them while building brand awareness for Kitchen Therapy. We continued this outreach strategy on Instagram, where we partnered with several local influencers who are sharing their Kitchen Therapy experiences with their followers.

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Increase in
Facebook engagement


Increase in
Twitter engagement


Increase in Click Through Rate

Following The Spark Group’s overhaul of Kitchen Therapy’s social media channels, the brand saw a 53% increase in Facebook engagement and a 77% increase in Twitter engagement. Throughout this campaign, our digital analysts partnered with our content creators together to increase CTR by 49%, while decreasing CPC by 15%.

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