Putting top city and state opportunities in the hands of minority and women-owned businesses in New York.

Capalino + Company came to The Spark Group with a groundbreaking new app that is a game changer for MWBE organizations in New York. MWBE Connect NY uses innovative technology to expertly match MWBEs with city and state RFPs.

In order to get the app in front of the right people, the tSG team created new landing page and advertising strategy that spanned several social channels and utilized the app download initiative on Google AdWords and Apple Search.


MWBE Connect NY


Website Design, Social Media, Advertising, Animation

MWBE Connect NY Logo

Website Redesign

To help illustrate all the MWBE Connect NY app has to offer, tSG set out to redesign the current landing page. Our designers wanted to implement a simple and modern design that presented the information in an easy-to-digest layout.

The new design reflects the unique features of the app as well as pricing models, testimonials from industry leaders, and more. The new layout also provided the perfect home for the new animated video our team created, you can see more on that below!



App Download Campaigns

To maximize app downloads across both Android and iOS, we implemented a Universal App Campaign and Apple Search campaign. These platforms allowed us to reach users directly within the Google Play Store or App Store as they are actively searching.


Video Animation

In order to showcase each of the unique capabilities of the app, tSG created a short animated video that walks users through some of the key features. This video utilized kinetic typography, infographics, and – of course – shots of the app in use to provide an in depth look at what the app has to offer.

Social Media

Capalino + Company already has a defined social presence, so the challenge here was to create content that complemented their current messaging, but still allowed the MWBE Connect NY app to stand out and develop it’s own look.

Using imagery of the app in use and a series of interesting MWBE statistics, we were able to drive engagement and increase awareness about the app.

Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth advertising is a tried and true method for raising awareness. To tap into this powerful market, we worked with social media influencers to create honest and powerful reviews. These posts generated a buzz surrounding MWBE Connect NY and led to a spike in app downloads and website visits with each new post.

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MWBE Connect NY

MWBE Connect NY

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