Creating a refreshing brand image for a pioneer in an old industry.

Oil Check came to tSG looking for new branding to match their company messaging. Their voice was not coming across to its audience as strongly as necessary, so we set to work on creating a new brand identity.

The brand’s two factions, Oil Check Oregon and Oil Check Washington, communicated to its customers in an authoritative and informative voice on the subject of political and energy policy. Yet, they were able to communicate in that voice in a relatable, empowering way. Oil Check’s brand messaging set the stage for tSG to develop a matching visual representation of it.


Oil Check
Spearhead Digital


Website Design, Branding


The Spark Group separated Oil Check’s two brands into blue and green to represent Oregon and Washington, respectively. The image of dripping oil in their new brand identity is a way of visually encouraging Oil Check’s audience to stay informed about important news as it relates to Oil Check, and more importantly, to take action for Oil Check’s cause.

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