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Pontual came to The Spark Group in search of a revamped online presence that highlighted Pontual’s fresh approach to Money Transfers and its commitment to their customers and their needs. To demonstrate Pontual’s attention to trends and technology, Pontual needed a website that was modern and used today’s most forward-looking design aesthetic. The website was built using HTML5 and responsive design, with interactive elements that make navigating the site entertaining and refreshing. The use of responsive design also allows the website to be viewed error-free on all screen sizes, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones (as the website proportions resize to accommodate the screen and browser size).

Most importantly, the goal of the site was to allow all visitor types (agents, investors, partners, customers) to find the information they were looking for, in the simplest way possible. By creating clear and engaging calls-to-action and an intuitive navigational pattern, The Spark Group was able to minimize bounce rate and maximize conversions in each visitor category. Mission accomplished.




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