A robust digital campaign is the perfect accessory for this stylish charging bracelet.

What do you look for in an accessory – fashion or function? With the QBracelet, you don’t have to choose. The sleek, phone charging bracelet is equal parts sleek, stylish, and useful. The QDesigns team came to tSG looking for an effective way to show the world “how to Q.”


Q Designs


Website Optimization, Photography, Influencers, Search & Display, Social Advertising


To illustrate how the QBracelet is perfect for everyday use, the tSG team produced a series of lifestyle photography. These photos demonstrate how the bracelet works as a thoughtful gift or even a brunch companion to make sure you don’t miss that perfect #Foodstagram #FoodPorn shot.

Website Optimizations.

Much like the QBracelet, the tSG team is all about style and functionality – especially when it comes to web design. Qdesigns.co already had the style, but needed a boost in user experience and usability. Through highly monitored A/B testing and heat mapping, we were able to increase the amount of users navigating through to the “shop” page, boost the number of sessions per month, and make it easy to find out the story behind the product.


If you’re looking for style tips and inspiration, you probably head straight to the blogosphere or the latest #OOTD posts on Instagram. To show just how wearable the QBracelet is, we partnered with top style and fashion bloggers to style the bracelet and showcase the chic design. These social influencers helped to boost both site traffic and brand awareness.

Search & Display.

When users are looking for a way to boost their phone’s battery life, they turn to Google. When parents are trying to think of a gift for their graduate, they also turn to Google. Our team utilized the Google Search Network to put QDesign’s in front of these users who just don’t know what they’re missing. We also took advantage of the powerful Google Display Network to retarget users after visiting the website to keep the product fresh in their minds.

Social Ads.

To maximize ROI and increase brand awareness, The Spark Group images from our photoshoot to launch a compelling display ad campaign. We remarketed these ads to online users who had previously indicated an interest in Davek, and we also served these ads to new users based on specific keywords and target audiences. We optimized these targets and ad placements to maximize the budget’s reach, and continually analyzed and optimized the campaign based on customer activity and sales trends.

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