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Rebtel came to The Spark Group to help them effectively reach their Indian audience. Since they just announced unlimited calling to India through their mobile app at a competitive price, we knew we had to reach their younger audience. That’s where Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram come in. What better way is there to reach millennials who are always on their smartphones than through social media (probably on their smartphones)?

Through social listening, we found out that second generation millennials Indians were talking about how their parents don’t understand why they’re out partying when they could be studying, trying to get noticed by their favorite internet celebrities like Lilly Singh, and complaining about how expensive it is to call their family back home.

With this in mind, we created the #DesiProblems strategy. We made use of this popular hashtag to better connect with Rebtel’s target audience. To get started, we spent hours and hours sifting through #DesiProblems on Twitter and Instagram to respond to and engage with people that were already a part of this discussion.




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Social Media.

Finally, it was time for us to get in on the action. We created our own #DesiProblems centered around unlimited calling. Let’s face it, unlimited calling isn’t going to help your Aunty get off your case about getting married before it’s too late. Why not steer into the skid?

In addition to creating #DesiProblems content, we still needed to maintain a steady and open conversation with our audience. How do you get people talking? Get in on some pop culture and current events, of course! Our team scours through Buzzfeed India, Scoopwhoop, and more daily to find the most provocative, interesting, or downright weird things going on in India. This helps to keep the conversation flowing. Since users don’t have a minute limit to worry about, Rebtel needs to give them something to talk about.

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Expanding our Market.

After the success of the #DesiProblems campaign, we expanded our target audience to include Latin America, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. For this branch of the campaign, we focused heavily on current events and cultural posts.

Once again, we selected hashtags based on our findings through social listening. Utilizing ashtags such as #GrowingUpMexican #NigerianProblems allowed us to engage with current and potential users to extend our reach beyond paid social media posts.

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Increase of Post Likes


Increase of Post Shares


Increase of Post Comments

Since Rebtel began working with The Spark Group, their engagement rate has skyrocketed. Over time, the cost per engagement has steadily decreased while the number of new users has been increasing.

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