Cheesy goodness dripping all over social media.

The Spark Group assisted S’MAC (an NY-based Mac & Cheese restaurant chain) in leveraging the power of facebook and twitter to engage with their customers. A combination of witty puns, combined with oh-so-many mouth-watering mac & cheese food shots, proved to be an instant success across the social platforms. As shown in the graph to the left, a dramatic, yet sustainable, increase in engagement occurred following The Spark Group’s intervention.

The Spark Group also partnered with S’MAC to produce a “Create your own Mac & Cheese” facebook contest. Results were delicious. View the case study here: http://www./#/smacdown-facebook-contest

Being not only a bilingual agency, but also a bicultural agency, we were able to dive headfirst into the minds of the Latin American demographic we needed to reach. By reading content they would read, finding information where they would find it–primarily on social channels–we found that these people want to genuinely engage with a brand before they purchase.

Using our insight, we set out to provide visual elements to deepen users’ understanding of UniTeller’s offerings, processes, and unique selling points–all in a place where they’d be able to find them. We needed to give Latin Americans straightforward, easily accessible information at the very moment they were looking to receive it.




Social Media Marketing, Search & Display

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Social Media Marketing.

In an attempt to raise awareness for their new restaurant location, The Spark Group and Sarita’s Macaroni and Cheese (S’MAC) launched the S’MACdown: a create-your-own macaroni and cheese competition. Mac lovers submitted their concoctions via the S’MAC Facebook page. Fans then voted for their favorite recipes via Facebook contest app. In order to vote, users had to LIKE the S’MAC Facebook page, resulting in a huge and valuable increase in Facebook followers.

The winning recipe will be featured on the S’MAC menu for one month during 2013. The top five entrants with the most votes were named finalists invited to a live judging at S’MAC’s new location where a winner was determined. At the event, each runner up and five of their friends received a free meal. By encouraging finalists to invite friends to event, awareness of both the contest and the new location spread via word of mouth.

To promote the contest, The Spark Group created and released an infographic providing step-by-step contest instructions. The infographic was distributed via Press Release, paid & organic social media, and printed posters featured at S’MAC locations. Over 250 prominent news sources, including Eater, shared the infogaphic and contest information, resulting in increased visibility for the new S’MAC location. Select food bloggers were invited to the live judging event, further fostering awareness.

As shown in the graphs to the left, the contest resulted significant and sustainable surges in Facebook impressions and engagement (link clicks). S’MACdown is a perfect representation of how social media can be used to amplify word of mouth by combining both online and offline promotion. The contest should continue to boost awareness for S’MAC after the new recipe has been added to the menu.

Display Marketing.

The Spark Group ran two local display initiatives for S’MAC. First, we conducted a branding campaign across contextually relevant sites to help build awareness for new S’MAC locations, then we leveraged retargeting techniques to encourage online orders from recent website visitors. We created ads across various sizes and optimized them for both desktop and mobile viewing experiences. Throughout the campaign, our teams created and optimized the ad’s calls-to-action and copy to ensure…


Remarketing CPA

Top 5
Performing Sites,,,,


Branding CTR

As shown in the graph to the left, as spend decreases, CTR increases due to strategic optimizations, resulting in more efficient spend. To boost performance in the remarketing campaign, The Spark Group adjusted bids according to how recently users had visited the site. To increase CTR in the branding campaign, The Spark Group raised bids on the top performing sites and excluded the lowest performing sites.

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