Building a new, modern look for a renowned name in the construction industry.

Structure Tone’s previous website was outdated and did not adequately showcase its industry knowledge and impressive projects. The construction company came to The Spark Group in need of a site that not only highlighted their expertise, but also engaged their audience effectively. We set to work on creating a modern, easily navigable, sleek new website that positioned Structure Tone as the industry experts they are.


Structure Tone


Website Design & Development, Strategy

Research & Planning.

Our designers, content strategists, and developers dug deep into Structure Tone’s website analytics to uncover user interaction patterns and most visited and unvisited pages. The team then entered into a discovery phase with Structure Tone’s team to understand the intricacies of their audience and website goals. During the discovery phase, both teams identified that the most valuable part of the website was the projects page: Structure Tone’s audience within the construction space is attracted to high-quality work. Needless to say, this content needed to be front and center. Also addressed was the need for higher-quality links and content on the site to boost the firm’s SEO.

Website Strategy.

Equipped with this knowledge, we got right to the drawing board. Wireframes were delivered to outline the look and navigation of the site, content matrices were developed extensively with Structure Tone’s team, and finally came the fun part– design. Our team created an interactive, compelling new projects database for Structure Tone that would emphasize the standout, high-quality imagery for each project as well as the hard work that went into it.

To better engage users on the site, The Spark Group developed a custom RSS feed that pulls relevant content from trusted industry sources and categorizes them based on Structure Tone’s expertise. Structure Tone’s team was able to leverage this content on their site and optimize on-page SEO, helping to improve their reputation as an industry leader.


Website Traffic Increase


Increase of time spent viewing Structure Tone’s projects.

Since partnering with The Spark Group, Structure Tone has seen a huge boost in website traffic, with a 33% increase in recorded website sessions. Quality site engagement spiked as well with a 154.8% increase in the amount of time users spent browsing Structure Tone’s core product: their projects.

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