Helping make your night out epic, one check-in at a time.

TooNight needed a way to get the word out about their epic new app that strives to help make your night out legendary. With so many apps that help users be social, how could TooNight stand out? That’s where we come in.

The Spark Group launched a strategy to help build brand awareness and drive mobile app downloads on both iOS and Android devices. This campaign has helped to skyrocket the number of users, and the amount of downloads continues to increase month after month.




Social Marketing, Social Advertising

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Social Media Marketing.

TooNight’s social media personality is fun and adventurous. If TooNight were a person, they’d be the social butterfly that everyone goes to for their epic weekend plans. Each social post focuses on showing our audience just how much fun they’re missing out on by not using TooNight.

While the social posts focus mainly on engagement, we always drive users to download the app. This helps users directly access the app while building crucial brand awareness.


Influencer Marketing.

The Spark Group identifies, manages, and collaborates with influential Instagram personalities to extend our reach beyond TooNight’s personal profiles. These influencers reach the adventurous, thrill-seeking audience that would be the ideal users for this app.

Social Advertising.

As a part of our social media campaign, we created a series of ads that entice users to download the app to find epic things to do near them. These ads have significantly increased downloads and brand awareness.

These ads have run across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, helping to build our audience across multiple platforms.


Cost Per Install Decrease


App Install Increase


Cost Per Engagement Decrease

Since partnering with The Spark Group, TooNights app installs skyrocketed by 56%. We also decreased the cost per engagement by 41%, allowing us to interact with more users each month.

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