A strategic, cohesive communications plan to reach the Latin American market.

UniTeller needed to create a cohesive brand identity for their website that would tie together with its ongoing marketing efforts. The Spark Group needed to create unique branding for UniTeller’s marketing collateral so that users would associate this new branding identity with the trustworthy UniTeller they always knew.

Being not only a bilingual agency, but also a bicultural agency, we were able to dive headfirst into the minds of the Latin American demographic we needed to reach. By reading content they would read, finding information where they would find it–primarily on social channels–we found that these people want to genuinely engage with a brand before they purchase.

Using our insight, we set out to provide visual elements to deepen users’ understanding of UniTeller’s offerings, processes, and unique selling points–all in a place where they’d be able to find them. We needed to give Latin Americans straightforward, easily accessible information at the very moment they were looking to receive it.




Website Design, App Development, Search & Display, Social,Video

logotipo UniTeller

Website Branding.

UniTeller’s stand-out new identity needed to permeate not only every aspect of its marketing efforts, but also its website.

Since all traffic was driven to the website, we injected iconography and pictograms into UniTeller’s main online hub so users would constantly relate the eye-catching design with the trustworthiness behind the UniTeller brand. To be sure that we infused UniTeller’s new branding effectively, we also included logotypes, visual stylings, guidelines to usage of photography, and other pivotal elements that would help unify the UniTeller brand.

Uniteller Icons gif

Search & Display.

An SEM and Display remarketing strategy was just the right thing UniTeller needed to reinforce their branding. We created animated display ads featuring prominent calls to action as well as unique graphics to permeate their brand identity and loyalty efforts throughout the web. Serving Display ads to UniTeller website visitors helped significantly to drive them through the purchase funnel as they’d been “followed” around by our ads. While people were looking specifically for the exact services UniTeller offered, our search strategy drew in major attention–adding to their new brand cohesiveness and identity.


UniTeller’s social presence needed to be revitalized, so keeping in mind that UniTeller’s target audience were people with family in Latin America and the Philippines, we laid UniTeller’s logo on beautiful images of those countries.

We encouraged UniTeller’s social following to associate the beauty and meaning of their home countries with the messaging we created, so we included clear calls to action throughout social posts. The powerful emotion we siphoned into each of our posts allowed UniTeller’s audience to tie those feelings to sending money back home


A Seamless new
banking app.

UniTeller sought out our help to in order to ensure a seamless app experience for users to utilize their offerings. Before we started development, we mapped out UniTeller’s intended user experience flow and tailored every aspect of development to encourage that flow. From there, we built the app to be as user-intuitive as possible, from sending a transfer to account set-up at the moment the app is opened. The app included comprehensive management for a user’s account: monitor transactions and card activity, view an account summary, link to beneficiaries’ accounts, and a variety of other features that would make transferring money internationally as easy as possible.


It’s no surprise – remittances greatly impact the families and friends receiving the transfer. To remind UniTeller’s users of their impact, we created an eye-catching video that illustrates just some of the amenities their family can enjoy thanks to their money transfer. By asking users what their money transfer will do, we left it up to each individual to imagine just how they’ll be able to support their loved ones with a simple money transfer using UniTeller’s user-friendly remittances platform.


Website Traffic Increase


Facebook Page Engagement


Conversion Increase

Since partnering with The Spark Group, UniTeller’s monthly website traffic soared by 98.68%, from 205 visits to 15664 visits, and average website session duration increased by 75.15%. Facebook page engagement increased by 72.7%, and our advertising increased CTR  by 56.2% and conversions by 94.4%. We left UniTeller with a consistent set of branding and an emotional pull that no other company in the space had. 

“The Spark Group has become a key partner for us at UniTeller. Through their expertise in digital marketing and design, they have helped us renew and relaunch our digital presence, not only by redesigning our site, but also by helping us develop our marketing and social media presence, and creating a higher engagement with our audience. They are always looking for ways to improve our performance and to keep our company at the forefront of the latest digital trends. More so than a service provider, we see The Spark Group as a long-term business partner who cares for our company’s success and who works to make our business grow.”

– Alberto Guerra, CEO Uniteller Financial Services & EVP Banorte USA

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