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So you’ve made your way to the public eye and you want to stay there? We’ve reached out to the Commander in Chief once again this year to offer you more social media tips to keep your place at the top, in the Oval Office — or at least the top of people’s social feeds.

Social Media Tips

“We are nothing more or less than what we choose to reveal.”

Know yourself. Take it from Frank Underwood, a man who knows who he is and what he stands for: in order to keep up a successful campaign–a social media campaign that is–you have to be confident in the way you show your brand to the world. Defining a brand persona is essential–you want to show your audience you have a clear brand vision. You can be funny and playful or serious and informative. Take Denny’s, whose Twitter is full of goofy pancake tweets, or Dove’s constant support and promotion of body positivity, for example. Dove ardently campaigns to change the way women are viewed on social media by using the hashtag #speakbeautiful. On the other hand, Denny’s will post humorous tweets like “a plate of french fries is a family” to engage with their following. While both companies have different messaging techniques, their consistent brand persona shines through. 

Social Media Tips

“If we never did anything we shouldn’t do,

we’d never feel good about the things we should.”

Test the waters. Once the campaign is live, let it run its course and watch what happens. Trying something new on social media can be intimidating– you won’t be sure how people will react to your new content. To help make this process less intimidating, try out different software like AdEspresso, which allows you to test different variations of a Facebook ad, better known as “split-testing”. Testing variations of what your audience sees–images and copy–defines how your audience will respond to your new content direction. And if you’re like Frank Underwood, you’ll use every tool you’ve got to make sure they respond well to it.

Social Media Tips

“Did you think I’d forgotten you? Perhaps you’d hoped I had.”

Listen carefully. Using an array of programs to find out what your audience is thinking is pivotal to maintaining a successful campaign– Frank Underwood certainly uses others to find out what his audience is saying. Brands who listen and respond are more likely to be keep customers rather than a brand who has no social presence. If a customer tweets that they are upset about your brand and you respond accordingly, that negative interaction could turn into a positive one. Take Xbox, for example– they have 27 people running their twitter account, which is mainly used for customer support. If users have a problem, they can tweet at Xbox and they will address the issue promptly. The customer receives great service and Xbox has a happy customer; it’s a win-win situation for both customer and brand.

Social Media Tips

“Pay attention to the fine print, it’s far more important than the selling price.”

Pay attention to detail. Frank could run a great campaign, but it would be pointless without a strong stance of what his beliefs are and a sense of what he stands for. Where social media campaigns are concerned, content is the backbone of your campaign. Yes, posting at the right time and place is important, but without engaging content you won’t get very far. President Underwood wouldn’t want to have the spotlight taken away from him– make sure your content is high quality and more importantly, stands out from your competitors. StreetEasy, a real estate search engine, does a great job of creating great content, then uses it on the subway to poke fun at New Yorkers. The ads are clever, the illustrations are nice to look at, and the audience can relate to them: the perfect mix to stand out in a sea of subway advertisements. StreetEasy is a great example of taking a brand in market as saturated as real estate and turning it into a memorable customer experience.

Social Media Tips

“There is but one rule: Hunt or be hunted.”

Change things up. Sure, Frank Underwood had some good ideas during his first term as president, but he’d better come up with some killer new ones if he wants to get re-elected. Creating new content based on learnings from your older content is essential for continued campaign success. Find out what triggers conversation–whether it be certain images, topics, etc.–when you see positive feedback on these posts, use that content direction but add a new element into the mix. In order to captivate your audience, you have to know how they react and interact with all aspects of your brand. Tools such as Brandwatch and Radian 6, for example, can measure gender, age, location, interests, and much more. Harnessing the power of these tools will give you insights you wouldn’t have known before– and that can make for some truly killer content.

We’re sure these social media tips might just help you become as popular as Frank Underwood– without using questionable tactics to get what you want. How are you putting your plan into action? Let us know in the comments below.