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We’re so thrilled to announce that we have partnered with S’MAC, our favorite East Village mac & cheese joint, to collaborate on all things digital. We’ll be working with S’MAC to increase social engagement, provide customer support, and increase fan/customer base through social marketing and display advertising.

This announcement was made public a few days ago when our release (below) was, for lack of a better word, released into the blogosphere. One of the most exciting aspects of working with S’MAC is that we will be not only engaging with their fans and customers, but we’ll be designing and collaborating on community-wide social S’MAC events, like the upcoming “Build your own mac & cheese contest.” We can’t release too many details now, but let us just perhaps encourage you, S’MAC lovers, to start thinking about your favorite foodie combinations. In our minds, just about everything pairs well with cheese & noodles and we honestly can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!


NEW YORK, March 6, 2013 / Sarita’s Macaroni and Cheese, or S’MAC, is an East Village-based eatery that specializes in innovative macaroni and cheese dishes. In addition to its East Village namesake, S’MAC maintains a second full-service restaurant in Murray Hill as well as a take-out and delivery kiosk on the corner of 1st Ave and Houston Street. Having opened its doors in June of 2006, S’MAC has expanded and evolved its menu to provide a wide variety of culinary options. With alternatives such as multi-grain and gluten-free macaroni, as well as reduced lactose and vegan options, S’MAC caters to a wide variety of customers, without sacrificing taste.

The Spark Group, a full-service digital marketing and social media firm in NYC, is helping S’MAC leverage the power of social media to foster loyalty and drive sales. In addition to social media management, The Spark Group will collaborate with S’MAC to run creative, community-wide social campaigns and contests, capitalizing on social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. One special promotion, to be specific, is the “build your own mac & cheese” contest that S’MAC will begin featuring in the coming months. Today, with 80% of small businesses facing the challenge of attracting new customers, social media is the surefire way to connect with followers, old and new.

Sarita Ekya, co-owner of S’MAC, stated: “It’s wonderful working with The Spark Group as they know and understand our brand, being frequenters of S’MAC themselves. Now we can finally start engaging with all of these dedicated fans we have on Facebook along with Twitter and Instagram users that we weren’t in contact with before.”

For The Spark Group, this partnership with S’MAC falls in line with the goals of The Spark Group Local, a subproject of the Spark Group whose goal is to use digital marketing and social media to promote local businesses within the East Village. With the launch of The Spark Group Local’s website,, TEV (The East Village) serves the neighborhood’s residents, visitors, and small business-owners with current and honest reporting of the East Village’s cultural scene. As a popular restaurant of the East Village, S’MAC represents the type of establishment that TEV wishes to promote.