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This post has been a long time coming. And I’ve got a lot to say regarding the subject, but let me start at the very beginning.

I receive a ton of emails from “Expert SEO” firms looking to help gain authority on search engines! Tons. Maybe 10 a day. And the emails are all the same. Different senders, different companies- same email. Here’s an example:


My name is Rena G. Clune and I am an Online Strategist.

The reason for my email is I have come across your site “www.” and decided to run an analysis on your competition and your current search rankings. I also tried to look for your business on various social media sites and really couldn’t find much else about you.

Over the last 12 months GOOGLE has placed so much importance on Content Creation & Social Media Performance that if your business isn’t creating valuable content or even visible across social media platforms you have basically no chance of being seen on any search engine for keywords your customers are using to find businesses like you.

With a solid plan and strategy I honestly believe I can help get your website ranking higher on GOOGLE and getting customers to interact with your business on Social Media to really build your brand.

Don’t get me wrong this won’t be easy (or everyone would be doing it) but with an effective strategy and hard work I know we can get results in a relatively short period of time.

Can I call you and run some ideas I have to help your business grow?

Rena G. Clune

Director – Inbound Marketing and Search Strategist

Yes, it’s important for a company to run analysis on their competition and on their current search rankings.
Yes, it’s important to be on various social media sites.
Yes, Google has placed much importance on content creation & social media performance.
Yes, with a solid plan and strategy your website can rank higher on Google.
Yes, getting customers to interact with your business on social media really helps build your brand.
Yes, it’s not easy.

But these scam SEO firms aren’t the ones who are going to make IT happen for your company.

So, let me continue. Here was my response to “Rena G. Clune” (who, by the way, doesn’t have ANY social media presence, and actually seems not to exist at all):

You searched for us on social media sites and couldn’t find us? Well, somehow, in this day and age, you must be very VERY terrible at performing an online search. Search for us on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Foursquare…etc and we show up.

You must have done a terrible job at researching our company! And you call yourself a “SEARCH STRATEGIST???”

We also create original content all of the time. We have an engaged social following. Our website is properly built out with internal SEO requisites. How would you ever possibly help our company if you can’t even perform the easiest of research, you search strategist, you.

Let me switch this around for you.


My name is Daniela Cuevas and I own a Digital Marketing and Social Media agency.

I decided to run an analysis on your company. I also tried to look for your business on various social media sites and really couldn’t find ANYTHING about you.

Over the last 12 months, Google has placed high importance on content creation & social media performance. If your business isn’t creating valuable content or even visible across social media platforms, you greatly lower your performance on search engines. With a solid plan and strategy, I honestly believe that I can help your website ACTUALLY rank on Google.

Don’t get me wrong Rena, this won’t be easy. Especially because you have to start from the VERY beginning. Search 101. But, no worries! To sweeten up the deal, I’ll even throw in some free consulting on how to run effective searches on Google and on Social Media platforms. Can’t pass that up, can you?

Let me know when you’d like to get started.


A little much, maybe. But here’s why this matters to me:

I speak with a lot of people who are trying to work on SEO for their websites. They have businesses and want to be FOUND on Google by interested browsers. They are willing to pay money for SEO services. They are willing to invest time, money, and energy into online marketing. And many times, they don’t know much about online marketing and need someone trustworthy and reputable that can help them get the job done. They don’t know much. So they receive these emails and comply. They set up calls, they pay money- lots of money. And they never see any results. They waste THEIR valuable time, money, and energy by putting trust into these “SEO Experts.” And they’re left where they started. Except thousands short and one year in.

In short, the point of this post is:

You will get hundreds of emails very similar to these, promising results. *SOME* might be legitimate. Some might actually be able to deliver results. But the vast (vast!) majority are Scam Search Engine Optimizers and will not deliver any results. So, before you believe, do your research. Check out their website, research the sender, view their case studies. If they can’t be found, how much can they do for you? Be wise. Online marketing is incredibly important. But it can also be incredibly difficult. And so it has to be done right. If it seems too cheap to be true, it is. So heed my warning- and do your research. Ask questions. Just like with anything else- do your research. And good luck!

If any readers have experience with these SSEOs, there’s a comment box below. I’d love to hear thoughts. For private messages, my email is I read and respond to all emails.