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As frequent users of the internet, we’ve become accustomed to the streamlined looks of our favorite websites and how Google can find 2,000,000 search results in .023 seconds. But do we remember our beloved internet just a few years ago?


1. The Original Yahoo!

yahoo96Where’s the “Trending Now” list and why isn’t number one “Who needs columns?”


2. The Original MSN

Now that’s what I call some hotmail.


3. Windows ’95

“My Clip Art”. Enough said.


4. The Original Wikipedia

Who needs 4,048,694 articles when you have probably around 20?


5. The First Website

Ooooh, so THAT’S where www. comes from!


6. Too Many Toolbars

Your parents’ browsers still may or may not look like this.


7. The First Computer

“The first computer ever was the size of this room!” Hey, they weren’t kidding! But where’s the screen?


8. Slow, Slow Internet

Estimated time left: 4,381 years. We all remember.


9. Microsoft’s World Wide Web Server

Where do I want to go today? 2012. Please, 2012.


10. The Original Twitter

I’m beginning to think that Times New Roman was the only font before 2005.


11. The Original Facebook

Wow, The Social Network was pretty accurate!


12. The Original New York Times

Some things never change.


13. The Original MySpace

This speaks for itself.


14. The Original Google

Is that WordArt? I’m slightly terrified.


15. The Not-As-Original-But-Still-Pretty-Old Google


An exclamation point? Oh, we see you Yahoo!.


16. The Original Mozilla

I guess Mozilla really likes the whole fire-animal theme.


17. The Original Facebook Profile

Original Facebook ProfileAm I the only one who kind of misses the forced “is” in Facebook statuses?


18. The Original/Current Minesweeper

Original MinesweeperJust a classic.


19. The Original Windows Computer

Lookin’ good, Mr. Gates. Also, why does the monitor look so much like a microwave?


20. The Original Macintosh

Well this isn’t my iPad.


21. The Original Amazon

What happened to the Amazon River motif? It made much more sense back then.

Original Amazon

22. The Original eBay

Original EbayBidding? Where’s my “Buy It Now” button?


23. The Original AOL Instant Messenger

I bet you just heard the receiving message sound in your head.


24. Microsoft Outlook ’97

There’s a small place in all of our hearts for Windows ’97.


25. The Original YouTube

That’s great and all, but where can I find videos of babies with contagious laughter?


26. And of course… AOL Dial-Up

Click here for the full dial- up effect. 

I think I can.. I think I can.

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