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Images guide customers toward what they want and what they decide to buy. And as we all know, online users love to share images. So for online marketers, images are key to selling products, and therefore need to be effective in grabbing the attention of viewers. And what’s a great way to increase your image’s allure? By making it interactive.

ThingLink, an interactive image provider, allows brands to make their Facebook fan pages interactive with ThingLink Tabs editor. ThingLink Tabs for Facebook lets marketers directly embed links as tags to anywhere on the web into a single image. The tags can include people, YouTube videos, audio clips from SoundCloud, links to online stores and much more. Moreover, the images can easily gain greater visibility across the web by being shared on Facebook, Twitter, email, and blogs with just one click.

Check out this example of a great interactive image for Star Wars fans. Or check out this image which we just created. You can get a good sense of just how much content can be compiled into one single image, and how much rich engagement with users a marketer can stand to gain by using the interactive image provider.

ThingLink also provides real-time statistics on user interaction with images, measuring image and tag-specific views, hovers, and clicks, so marketers can easily evaluate the success of any particular interactive image. The standard plan is free and provides 100k page views and 10 image uploads. For ThingLink Tabs, users can purchase ThingLink Plus ($5/mo) or Pro ($20/mo), which come with increased image uploads and page views as well.

“Every image has a story,” says Ulla-Maaria Engeström, founder of ThingLink. With ThingLink, any single, plain image can be turned into an interactive story, providing marketers with a great opportunity to engage with fans and customers. If you’re interested, explore the free basic plan and find out how much you can do with your images. With a little creativity and a great strategy in place, we’re excited to see what ThingLink does for businesses and their online presence.

Readers, we’d like to know what you think about interactive images in our comments section. Are you more likely to engage with a product or brand that provides an interactive image?