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The Spark Group just spent the last week (October 11-14) at the IMTC Conference in Miami. The Conference took place at the Hilton Miami Downtown hotel and hosted tons of sponsors, speakers, and participants. This was our third time being sponsors at the conference, second time at the Miami conference. It was wonderful to reconnect with all of the bright minds within the Money Transfer industry, to see old faces, meet new ones, participate in the trade fair, enjoy the networking events, learn from the panels and seminars, enjoy a Brazilian Extravaganza (check out the pictures to know what we’re talking about)… all of it was wonderful!

With over 350 participants at the conference, we were able to have some great in depth discussions about the importance of online marketing and social media and its role in driving the industry into the future. From finding and targeting clients online, on their platforms of choice, to creating communities and brand ambassadors- it was great to see that we all agree on the necessity of adhering and experimenting with new technologies and tools.

Also, we took this opportunity to truly launch and build awareness about our new project, MTMD (Money Transfer Making a Difference), a corporate social responsibility project geared toward Money Transfer companies. Working in conjunction with Mohr World Consulting, we had representatives from two charity organizations (Rose Charities and Pintando Caminos) speak with conference participants about their charities and about the importance of corporate social responsibility. If you’re interested in learning more, just email us here and we’ll let you know anything/everything you need to get started.

We want to thank you all for coming by our booth for a chat, for the great meetings, for staying connected at the spark group cyber cafe, for the wonderful dance partners at the night events, for the great feedback, and to the IMTC staff for putting together such a magnificent conference.

We’re definitely looking forward to the IMTC Conference in Brazil (February 13-15) in Sao Pablo (yes, leading into the weekend of Carnaval!) where we’re looking forward to meeting new companies and new participants, and to being conference sponsors once again.

And for those of you who couldn’t make it, here are some pictures from the conference : photos
Hope to see you all in Brazil!

By: Daniela Cuevas