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One Moore Book

Here at  The Spark Group, we like to highlight great businesses who are innovative in the social media industry, but what about companies who are innovative in the business of making our world a better place? I would like to take this time (and my first post) to highlight a company who is doing just that: One Moore Book.

One Moore Book provides culturally sensitive and educational stories that highlight the lives of children of countries with significantly low literacy rates. One Moore Book provides literature for children whose narratives are largely missing from the children’s book publishing industry.

Choosing a different country for each “cycle” (of books), they highlight one thing we all share, a declining literacy rate.  One Moore Book has paid a painstaking amount of time to ensuring that their books provide an authentic, postive reflection of cultures that are absent from traditional American children’s literature. They don’t stop there- for every full cycle of books they sell, they donate a percentage of the profits to a charity in the country about which the books were created. In addition, they provide a platform that allows you to donate any amount of books to children who need them.

Take a moment to visit their site and if you can, buy a book or donate one. All over the world we share the growing epidemic of declining literacy, let’s work together and with One Moore Book to stop it.

If you will be in the New York City area this friday March 5, One Moore Book is having a gallery show at Space On White to celebrate their launch. Everyone is invited to attend with a 20 dollar donation. Come out and celebrate with wine, good people, and a great cause. For more information visit their events page.