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If you haven’t already heard, The Spark Group is presenting a Digital Marketing Seminar to be held May 30, 2012, in Los Angeles, California in conjunction with the IMTC West 2012 Conference. This pre-conference seminar is geared towards those in Marketing and Business Development positions, but is beneficial to anyone in business who wishes to increase and make use of their knowledge of web and mobile marketing, social media, and all aspects of online marketing. The seminar is designed to help you gain an understanding and effectively take advantage of the immense potential for business growth through digital marketing.

With more than a quarter of the world’s entire population using the internet (a number that will only grow in the coming years), it is crucial for businesses to be aware of their online presence. The breadth and complexity of today’s online world can be overwhelming for many, and the vast array of opportunities that exist for businesses online can seem difficult to successfully control. For example, a business might easily take an ad out on any given website. But if that business doesn’t know who their online audience is, where they come from, or how they use the internet for their needs, that ad could go unnoticed and be virtually ineffective. Backed by the know-how and proven track record of The Spark Group, the Digital Marketing Seminar will help all participants gain a better understanding of what’s at stake online, a knowledge of how to harness the potential, and a clearer vision of your business’ future online.

The Digital Marketing Seminar will cover several topics, including:

Target Market Analysis– Learn what’s being said about your business online. Target Market Analysis will help you discover your online audience, what their needs are and how to successfully reach them.

Web Optimization– A company’s website is crucial in conveying what your company and product is all about. You want visitors to your site to become satisfied customers. The Web Optimization portion of the seminar will give you the tools to create effective content and design on your site, and will also cover visitor flow, calls-to-action, landing pages and analytics- all aspects that are important to a solid company website.

Display Advertising– Advertising online has become increasingly more targeted, so you no longer have to wonder who is seeing and responding to your ads. Learn the strategies and tools to deliver your ads to a targeted audience, such as those who have visited your site or are in the market for your product, and make the most of your online advertising.

SEO/SEM– You’ve got a great website, but now you need to get your target audience to visit it. That’s where Search Engine Optimization and Marketing come in. This session will teach you the key tools in garnering traffic and increasing your site’s visibility via search engines.

Social Media– Social media is a major player in online marketing, and its power in connecting customers with brands goes a long way for companies today. Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media platforms to engage with your customers and create a loyal online following.

Mobile Marketing– 70% of the world’s population is using a mobile device to communicate. Additionally, over half of Facebook’s 800 million+ users are connecting to its mobile site. The Mobile Marketing seminar will show you how to effectively connect with mobile devise users.

and lastly,

Integrated Campaign Creation– This session will help you combine the knowledge and tactics learned from all the previous sessions in order to create a diverse and balanced set of marketing methods needed to reach customers in your digital marketing campaign.

The seminar will include Coffee Breaks, Networking Sessions, Lunch, and a Certificate of Attendance. Please visit our Seminars page to learn more about this exciting event, including details for pricing. Take note of the discounts offer to clients as well as those who register early! Also visit the International Money Transmitters Conferences page to learn more about the IMTC West 2012 Conference.

We are excited to present the Digital Marketing Seminar and hope to see you in Los Angeles! Any questions, comments or concerns? Please let us know in the comments section and we’ll be more than happy to address them.

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