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What We Can Learn From Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Hate them or love them – we all have to give him this much: they are social media geniuses. They know how to effectively promote themselves, and we all know that much of a musician’s success relies on this ability.

These artists are alive throughout dominating the major social media networking pages. Lady Gaga has 27,375,722 Facebook Fans and 7,954,726 Twitter followers while Justin Bieber has 19,958,184 Facebook fans and 6,949,103 Twitter followers.

Their follower counts are enormous. And it’s not only because they’re popular celebrities that they’re able to have such high follower counts, though it doesn’t hurt. These are celebrities who are actively engaged with their audiences- who interact with them, write back to them, ask them for suggestions, provide them with special treats.. They promote themselves by being there for their fans. And the success of their social media promotion is there. (For example: Both Justin Bieber (450,450,185 views) and Lady Gaga (339,638,467 views) have the highest YouTube video view counts of all time.)

Lady Gaga’s website is simple- but is constantly engaged with social media. Her website promotes her events, which encourages users to RSVP on Facebook for. Her “Bad Romance” video debuted on her site before MTV or other outlets could play it, causing her fans to alert other fans about it through Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, the site features all of her recent tweets so that her audience can have a continuous flow of updates. Lady Gaga makes it possible for her fans to be in tune with all of the important happenings in her life and through this, has created a community for her and her “little monsters” (fans)– it is this community that allowed Lady Gaga to rise to fame in almost zero-time flat.

Justin Bieber’s fame can be attributed to social media in much the same way. Justin was discovered on YouTube after Scooter Braun, a talent agent, accidentally stumbled upon one of the videos his mother had uploaded to YouTube. At this point, his most watched video had around 70,000 views. Between the time he was discovered and the release of his debut album, Justin spent his time uploading other videos of himself singing and spent time interacting with the fans of those videos. By the time his album was released, he already had over one million fans. Since then, Justin has continued to engage and interact with his fans through these social media portals. He listens to them and gives them what they’re looking for. Social media doesn’t give him a focus group of his target audience– it gives him his audience, eager and ready to respond. And much like Lady Gaga, his website is covered in ways to connect with Justin through social media pages. And it works, his fans connect (they connect enough to take up 3% of all of twitter’s traffic) because they know someone is listening.

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have leveraged the power of social media to take them from celebrity status to an entirely different realm. They produce great content, promote it online, engage with their audience, and listen to their community. Few musicians have been able to compare to what these two have done. And as far as brands, go, few companies have been able to leverage social media in the way they have to drive sales of their core product.

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber-are social media geniuses and there’s something everyone can learn from them. What do you guys think about the way these two use social networking?

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