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As if you didn’t already feel insecure about the all-important First Nine thumbnails of your Instagram feed– if you didn’t know, now you know –here are five of our favorite young artists from the worlds of music, TV, and beyond who kinda just get it when it comes to social media. Oh, and if that’s not enough… they’re all in their twenties. Ugh, millennials.

WHO: Miles Heizer (Actor / ’94)
BEST KNOWN FOR: Drawing tears from middle aged woman and teen girls alike as Drew Holt in NBC’s hit show, Parenthood.
FIND THEIR BEST WORK ON: Instagram, @younggoth
WE’RE INSPIRED BY THEIR… ironic captions voiced as the moody suburban art goth next door. We’re talking eye rolls, alien emojis, and awkward poses in normcore outfits for miles (pun very much so intended). With posts just sporadic enough to get you wondering if he’s finally gotten too cool for the social media, Miles feeds all of the off-brand-but-trendy Tumblr baby goodness you crave without fear of the infamous NSFW litter. Depends on who you follow on Instagram though, we guess.

WHO: Sam Cannon (Digital Artist / ’92)
BEST KNOWN FOR: Producing museum worthy GIFs and perfecting the art of the seamless loop.
WE’RE INSPIRED BY THEIR… explorations of the body and physical mutations in a way that’s completely non gory and completely pro subtle beauty. Did we mention that she digitally alters these mutations into some of the cleanest GIF work we’ve ever witnessed? Did we mention that she used to be a photo retoucher, and her current work is inspired by an effort to push photo manipulation to extreme transparency? Did we mention that both Tumblr and New York Fashion Week have worked with her coolness in the past? Did we mention we’re obsessed?

WHO: Shamir (Musician / ’94)
BEST KNOWN FOR: Voicing pure countertenor vibes via ‘On The Regular’, the upbeat dance track fueling your girlfriend’s BFF’s sudden desire to take a trip to the roller rink.
FIND THEIR BEST WORK ON: Twitter, @shamirbailey
WE’RE INSPIRED BY THEIR… candidness at the wonders of Hollywood. Shamir has got androgyny down to an inherent science, and every tweet reads like the kid you went to high school who can’t believe they finally got their big break. For example:

Young Artists

Amazing right? Vogue and shoes, we’d be stoked too. Except, this was the photo:

Young Artists

Oh, so you failed to mention that you’re just posed next to Kendall Jenner. No biggie. S’cool. Get this: in addition, he’s been featured in a spread for Glamour alongside Maddie Ziegler, has a selfie with Jaden Smith on Instagram, and has his single featured on an Android commercial, all before he can legally drink in America. AND (as if we need to further assert our infatuation) he’s an active member of the LGBTQ community and involves himself with projects that voice gender issues on behalf of those who can’t. Insert Beyoncé “Flawless” GIF here.

WHO: Tavi Gevinson (Writer/Editor, ’96)
BEST KNOWN FOR: Being that ultracool 13 year old blogger that took the fashion world by storm, giving seasoned professionals a run for their money.
FIND THEIR BEST WORK ON: Her personal Instagram/her work Instagram/her blog/literally wherever because #perfection, @tavitulle @rookiemag
WE’RE INSPIRED BY THEIR… pure youth badassery. Yes, she deserves a non-Merriam Webster adjective. If we have to explain who Tavi is, it may be time to leave your residence beneath a rock. She’s Editor-In-Chief of Rookie Mag, the arts and culture resource for the young and young at heart that we all wish we had in the 90s. Her Instagram is a highly curated feed of some pink and dreamy version of NYC that we wished we lived in. Not dissimilar to Lisa Frank’s baby sister, she rolls with a girl gang squad with a way clearer sense of self-identification than we ever had at ~19. Bonus: she was friends with both Miles Heizer and Shamir before this article was published. Verdict? 1000% ahead of the young artists curve in all spectrums. Someone get this girl a biopic.

WHO: Samuel Long (Producer, ’??)
BEST KNOWN FOR: Creating electronic beats perfect for Princess Peach’s birthday party under the pseudonym, SOPHIEMSMSM
FIND THEIR BEST WORK ON: Twitter and Facebook. Kinda. (It’s exclusively promo.), @SOPHIEMSMSM
WE’RE INSPIRED BY THEIR… lack of concern to do the expected. Not to say that anyone wants to be predictable. It’s just that SOPHIE seems to live outside the confines of the traditional music world. He’s absent from any other social platform outside of Twitter and Facebook, and even then he doesn’t engage with users on either. He just churns out gumdrop electropop beats that excite the likes of Mitch Grassi and Alana Haim, and the fans go crazy for it. Yet, some don’t even know his real name. And we think, for 2015, that’s pretty cool.

Did you expect to see other young artists on here, or think you’ve got some respectable social media chops yourself? Share it with us! (Comment below or tweet us @thesparkgroup)